Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Word About Salads

We do a lot of salads in our house.  Sometimes it is just the easiest side dish, sometimes it is very refreshing in the summer.  Growing up, salads were a big bowl of iceberg lettuce that everyone dug into and then dressing and some croutons.  We do it a lot different in our house.  I make everyone an individual bowl of salad and then start adding toppings.  The toppings are what make it – I raid the fridge and the pantry and throw in as many different things as I can find. 

Some of our favorites:

-sliced sweet petite pickles

-mandarin oranges

-cut up apple

-cut up lunch meat (turkey, ham, salami)




-shredded cheese

-croutons (of course!)

Depending on what we have on hand that day, the salad is always different.  Think outside the box for your salads and give something different a try!



sandbox gems said...

We love salads for dinner at our house too! I think I was inspired by some yummy ones we've had out at restaurants and thought, we could do this at home! We put all kinds on things in them too. They really do become a meal. I try to keep the fat down but the good things are still in there.

Wonder Mom said...

Blueberries, bacon bits, and a vinaigrette make a sale super special!


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