Thursday, January 7, 2010


My week has been filled with small victories. First, we've been working on weaning my 12 month old daughter and our first victory was on Sunday when she drank her whole sippy cup of milk at lunch. Monday we started dropping our dinner feeding and she drank her whole sippy cup of milk again. Victory!

Victory number 2 came about 30 minutes ago when I FINALLY finished the afghan. Whew. I kept singing "This is the Song That Never Ends" while working on it because I feel like I've been under this thing forever! It took 5 one pound skeins of 100% cotton yarn to do it and I promise you that I will NEVER EVER work with 100% cotton yarn again. I'm hoping this one won't shed, but the acrylic yarn goes much quicker and isn't nearly so heavy. I promise you this thing weighs more than my dog. :) Also, 2 of my skeins ended up being different shades. I couldn't get a really good picture of this, but what I did was use the darkest skein and made a border all the way around and then 5 rows each on the top and bottom. Makes it look a little more intentional.

So, it's done! Now on to so many more projects. I need to get to working on some more clippies - I bought flowers and have lots of ideas for that. Also, I need to get going on baby shower gifts for several babies due in the spring. Lastly, it's been so cold lately that I want to crochet a cute hat for my daughter, complete with crochet flowers that I just learned how to do this morning. Oh, and the T-Shirt quilt has begun. I have more posts in the que - a couple great recipes and lots of new things. Coming soon!

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