Monday, December 13, 2010

Homemade Play Kitchen

If you’ve never stopped by Jess’ blog, Craftiness Is Not Optional, then you definitely need to.  Jess has so many inspiring ideas that are always quick and easy.  If you have little girls, then you MUST get there quickly.  Earlier this year her father built her little girl a play kitchen.  Seeing as how we have a little girl about the same age, I thought that it was definitely a project that we could undertake as well.  We used her basic “floor plan” (which you can read about in THIS post) and went to work! 

So, after two months of working his tail off, my husband finished the kitchen this weekend.  I am so amazingly proud of the work that he did.  It wouldn’t have taken him so long if he wasn’t a super perfectionist.  But that’s what I love about him.  :)

(Sorry for the pictures – I was taking them early this morning before it was very light out)


8 12

I love the oven.  The knobs turn and the little burner covers come off.  There are real oven grates inside and little cookie sheets that fit just perfectly.  The sign above the stove is from Hobby Lobby.

9We decided to do the curtain instead of cabinets since I’m a little worried about slammed fingers these days.  I got this retro lemon print as a remnant at JoAnn’s for about $2 a long time ago.  Thankfully it was just the right size and is hung on a tension rod.  The cross stitch print of lemons above the sink is from my grandmother-in-law.  She went to be with the Lord last year and we found this at her house in a drawer when we were cleaning out her house.  I love having a little of her in the kitchen for the kids.

10This is inside the pantry/fridge.  We only did shelves that are high enough for my daughter to reach at this point.  Some day we can add higher ones if we need to.  She’s getting a ton of play food and accessories for her birthday and Christmas so this will be full soon!

I couldn’t be more thrilled with this addition to my daughter’s room.  I know that once she moves to her ‘big girl bed’ all she'll do is play with this instead of sleep, but that’s okay.  Right now she’s more interested in pulling out all the food and putting it on her play table but once she gets older I know that this will be her favorite thing. 


Wonder Mom said...

That-is-so-AWESOME!!! He did an EXCELLENT job- what a great Daddy!

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